Nibbled to death by ducks

February 7, 2002 at 3:06 pm (General)

Ever volunteer to be part of a organisation? Ever regret your decision? For some reason, one that I will never understand, I was asked to be in the public relations officer for the Montreal section of the AAC (Alpine Club of Canada). True, I sure do like my gear shops, so I guess the chairman figured I was the right fella for the job. Hey, I figured, this would look good on my résumé.

All of a sudden, I’m being asked to generate revenue for the club through advertising for our newsletter, to sell tickets and write articles for and about Canadian climbers, ad nauseum. If that weren’t so bad, once a month there are these executive meetings. For the most part, things go pretty well, except, as in any situation, you always find one or two passive-agressive folks with incredible inferiority complexes who feel the need to justify their existence by speaking incessantly about what they’ve done for other organisations, how much good they can do for the club where they are now, and who, at the same time, talk about how tired and burned out because of all the volunteer work they do.

Three hours of this sort of crap, late on a Wednesday night, gone straight from work, so I haven’t eaten since breakfast. Let’s imagine how I feel.


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