In balance with nature

March 1, 2002 at 7:23 pm (General)

Is there any other expression that is so self-righteous and ambiguous? Jesus, I hate that line.

  • "Oh, I’m a vegetarian, so that I live in balance with nature. Not like you evil meat-eaters."
  • "You know, I find that doing tai chi and yoga, along with administering weekly enemas to myself, puts me in balance with nature."
  • "I don’t eat those nefarious whites: sugar and flour."
  • Etc.
    Give me a frickin break.
    It’s such a white, middle-class sentiment. Honest, how often do you hear someone who’s just trying to get by who will tell you that they drink, say, Old Milwaukee because they find after downing a few they feel closer to nature?
    So when, exactly, did we lose this so-called balance? When we first made fire? Speared ourselves a mastadon?"Discovered" electricity? I will never understand people who need to justify themselves, and in the process elevate themselves above others simply because they lead a certain lifestyle and have made certain choices.
    That we’re fucking up the planet, there’s no question. However, contrary to popular belief, we’re parasites, and not symbiotic creatures. So yeah, we’re destroying ourselves out of existence. It’s called evolution. Whatever comes after us will be in balance with nature, and so are we.

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