Ever think to yourself, “Wow, I should get a life,” and really mean it?

September 5, 2002 at 5:08 pm (General)

For some reason, I’ve been struck with a sudden case of the blahs. Sitting here, doing research, and just not getting into it. Granted, maybe part of this is because I paid off some bills today. Like everyone, finding it hard to stay ahead.
I think Frances the cat is feeling down these days also, but I’ve been keeping her placated by copious amounts of cat nip. When I lived on Waverly, lo those many years ago, various neighbouring cats would come into my apartment, and occasionally spend the night with Frances and I; Frances never seemed to mind. Now, however, when any of the many cats at my new place try to come into the apartment, Frances sits at the back door and swats and hisses at anything that moves. (I think she’s tired of always having her food stolen.) She’s definitely getting irascible in her old age.
Speaking of cats, am I the only one who’s noticed that a majority of bloggers have cats? Just goes to show that we are controlled by the felines of this world.


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