Non Angli sed angeli

October 3, 2002 at 4:41 pm (General)

soundtrack to Angel Baby, an unfortunately little-seen movie outta Australia. I was given the soundtrack to review back when I was at the Mirror (the review was cut for lack of space), several months before the movie even hit these shores and, since I liked the soundtrack, I was looking forward to the movie, although I had no idea what it was going to be about. With John Lynch, who also starred in Cal (another excellent movie for the time) and Sliding Doors, among many others, this movie reconfirmed what I always knew: we’re so inundated with Hollywood crap that we forget the gems out there. Oh, and there’s no shitty happy ending on this one, either. For further proof that there are some amazing Ozzie films out there, rent The Castle.
But oh, the soundtrack! Quite the mish-mish of sounds, but all on the same theme, that being, naturally, angels. Masterminded by Peter Gabriel and Gavin Friday, the album spans the range of styles, from the Vogues to Norman Greenbaum to Gabriel himself. But then, on two songs, there are these ethereal vocalisations from a Norwegian singer called Anneli Drecker, who sings for Bel-Canto and Jah Wobble. Unfortunately, I’ve never heard anything else from her. (However, there are plenty of websites in her honour.)


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