Paranoia, paranoia, na na na naa na

October 4, 2002 at 4:43 pm (Work)

I’ve got to get a grip, I really do. For some reason, my e-mail crashed on me yesterday. Well, no real problem, I think, since it’s my work e-mail and I don’t get much intra-office stuff anyways. I’m also under the impression that it’s a department-wide problem, and someone will speak up. Nope. At the end of the day, I ask a co-worker whether her e-mail is on the fritz, but no.
So I figger that I’ll just call the IT department when I get back to work, but then I remember a few jobs ago, when there was this massive layoff. All of a sudden, those of us who were going to be laid off no longer had access to our e-mail or web. Crapola, thinks I, I’m going to get laid off. This sucks. I’ve just moved, haven’t socked away any cash, and I’m heading to Ikea to buy some furniture. Oh, should I? Go to Ikea regardless, and then go home and spend a restless night. Get to work today, and it turns out my password has expired. Enter a new password, and it takes almost five minutes for the computer to process it. Then, click on the e-mail icon, which also takes a while to boot. It finally does, and I breath a sigh of relief.
I hate working in this environment.


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