Let’s all curtsy

October 9, 2002 at 4:46 pm (General)

Lindsay, an old friend of mine (well, not old, just someone I’ve known for almost 20 years), with whom I exchange regular e-mails, is now one of the producers of Play on Newsworld. She was previously one of the producers of On the Arts, before moving onto this show. Strange, back when we were punk rockers and new wavers in the mid-80s, we couldn’t have predicted the paths our lives would lead. I’m still tripping through my reality, she’s married and has a 3-year-old boy.
Now, the preceding has absolutely no relevance to anything, except for this: because she works at the corporation, and because she has a child, she has been selected to be one of the chosen few to meet the Queen on Thursday. Because she never grew up or lived in Québec, the British royalty holds some attraction. However, she also came down with a cold a few days ago, so she might just end up sneezing on the Queen or the Duke. We can only hope.


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