November 7, 2002 at 4:59 pm (Work)

Last week, I gave a co-worker a copy of some training material I’m working on. He, in turn, gave me a document to edit and proofread. I came in Monday morning, edited his work (and, btw, I thought you needed to know how to spell to do this job; I guess I was wrong), and handed it back to him at the end of the day, two days ahead of the deadline. Meanwhile, he’s holding onto my document. No problem, I figure he’s busy. I was wrong.
We had a meeting this morning, the co-worker, our department manager, and me. I’m thinking it’ll be a sit-down thing where we’ll hash out the finer points of the document. Silly me; shit-head co-worker simply let me keep on working a whole week, me polishing this work that was actually 180º of what was decided recently, without my knowledge. So, shit-head co-worker (shcw) pulls out my work, and pretty much tells my boss that I’ve totally fucked up for the past two months. I just sit there, looking for a hole to crawl into. “Hey, thanks pal. Great team spirit.” The worst part of the encounter was when shcw has the gall, the temerity to point out that, “turn around time should be quicker”?!
I am so out of here the first chance I get.


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