Ah, feels like old times

November 19, 2002 at 5:04 pm (Work)

Come into work today, determined to be my normal, cheerful self, to be a good machine not unlike all the other peons here. Look around, say good morning to all the ugly beautiful people, only to see a lot of them looking downcast. Layoffs. Ten percent of the company, meaning about 100 workers, a lot of them project managers or other people who have been here over ten years. My co-workers are sitting around, gossipping, wondering if any of us will get the axe, which, surprisingly, none of us do.
Then, of course, there’s the general assembly (just like school!) where, surprise surprise, the CEO is simply talking about a restructuring, that he’s really sorry to have people go, we have a rosy outlook, bla bla blech. I’ve lost count of how many of these same speeches I’ve heard over the past few short years.
Strange, though, I have a couple of friends taking off for a few months on a road trip, so being laid-off myself wouldn’t have been so bad; grab a dufflebag, throw in all the underwear and socks you have, maybe a pair of shorts and pants, and west coast here I come. Alas, tis not to be.


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