Is that it?

December 9, 2002 at 5:12 pm (Food)

For the first time in the past 15 years that I’ve living in this little town of ours, mostly around St-Laurent blvd, I had never been to Schwarz’s. I make it a point to never enter a club, a resto, a movie, etc., where I have to wait in line. Nothing is that good, is my motto. Well, that and “blame someone else.” So, anyhow, I’m walking past the place last night, and strangely enough there were available tables. Didn’t give it much of a thought, and continued on my way to the bus stop. Stand around waiting for about 10 minutes, feeling my testes slowly retract into my body cavity, my nips getting hard enough to cut glass, it was that frickin’ cold/windy last night. Screw this, might as well get it over with. Head back down the boulevard, grab a stool at the counter. Order their “world famous” smoke meat sandwich, along with the requisite fries and Cherry coke.
I’m given this hunk of pinkish flesh, served on what amounts to crusts with a spit of mustard on each side. Cherry coke? Screw that, the waitron hands me a can of Cott’s black cherry, which I love but I asked for that stuff out of a tap. Then, I’m almost finished my sandwich before the fries arrive.
World famous Schwarz’s, my ass.


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