Past, meet butt. Commence biting.

January 6, 2003 at 5:18 pm (Personal)

As time goes on, I’m consistently amazed at how small this city can be, especially among anglophones, even more so if we’ve ever had anything to do with the art scene.
So, really conversing with a new acquaintance. Now, as folks are wont to do, we go on about our past lives. Well, it turns out we’ve been associated with all the same people, going back 10 years or so. Still, nothing surprising. However, having told her that I once wrote and edited for an alternative weekly, she did a bit of web-researching and, during the holidays, sent me an e-mail, quoting a record review of mine, which basically goes: “[…] most of the words were incomprehensible above [name]’s bassline feedback.” She then added, “[name] didn’t play bass. I did.” Even more embarrassing for me was that I gave the album one of the lowest ratings ever. That’s karma for ya.


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