Random Thoughts

June 27, 2003 at 5:46 pm (General)

* With this heat wave that we’re going through right now, I now find that I end practically all my sentences with, “In this weather.”
* Had lunch at Cirque du Soleil headquarters yesterday. Nothing better to keep your ego in check than being surrounded by really attractive, very fit young men and women walking around in body-hugging clothes, which is needed in this weather. Oh, and the food they serve is really good also.
* Whale Rider. Great movie. Go see it. Not only did I shed a few tears, I actually sobbed at one point. (The last time that happened was when I watched Dancer in the Dark. Oh, and Ponette.) At least the theatre had air conditioning, what with this weather.
* My appartment is full of cat hair. In this weather, the cat is shedding like crazy, hiding out under the dresser to escape the heat. I have tiny follicles hugging the bristles of my face. It’s driving me nuts. That and the weather.


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