I wish to register a complaint

October 6, 2003 at 6:26 pm (TV)

Well, it only took about 4 years, but Quebec media finally has its own reality television show, Loft Story. Rather brainless premise, grab 12 folks (6 betties, 6 barneys), representing Quebec society, i.e. between 20 and 31, all white (imagine that!), all having bodies by Energie-Cardio, and shove them in a lovely loft for 2 months.
Sorta of like Big Brother, but, you know, pared down for our budget.
What’s supposed to happen is that the winners will be the himbo and the bimbo who hook up. (I guess, I don’t care to read any more about it.) The prize? One hundred grand. Like I said, it’s a Quebec budget. Of course, with our province’s fascination with homegrown “talent,” their faces will be plastered on magazine covers for months (normally, these magazines would be owned by the same owners as the network, but now that BCE owns TQS, I’m not sure. When TQS was owned by Quebecor, it was a different story.), and they will have their 15 minutes of fame, appearing on all those annoying, sycophantic, mutual cunnilingus/fellatio/handjob talk shows that pass for entertainment.
But, here’s what’s curious: it’s called Loft Story, such a clever play on Love Story, right? But, um, how can it have a purely English name? Don’t we have a ridiculous law in this province that prohibits English names? I know there are exceptions for newspapers, even though the Office de la langue française tried to fine us (the Mirror) in back in 1996 because we had our sign in the window, but, as I said, Loft Story is television.


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