Cool for cats

November 5, 2003 at 6:33 pm (General)

Time for a little PSA here. blork and martine have commented on the relief they’re feeling for handcuffing–or would that be claw-cuffing?–their, well, funny-lookin’ cat Spiff, who will no longer be able to scratch the furniture. Trust me, this cat is probably storing away the embarassment it’s feeling for the day either b or m are taking a bath and there’s a radio next to the bath. Just saying.
So, the trick to keeping your cat/dog/girlfriend/boyfriend off the furniture: get some mousetraps–yes, mousetraps–load(?) them and place them upside down on said piece of furniture. Place a sheet on top of the furniture to cover the mousetraps. When your cat/dog/gf/bf jumps up on the, let’s say sofa, the displacement of the fabric will set the mousetrap off, and the subsequent movement and noise will frighten your pet. VoilĂ , fait accompli. Your pet will not suspect you of being the person responsible.


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