Wake up in the morning…

December 1, 2003 at 6:40 pm (General)

The milliner was off on vacation last week, so she spent half that time cleaning up the detritus that is her apartment, after which she went to Toronto to catch up with her friends and family. Acquiescing to her request, I took Friday off and rode the train to join up with her. (Am I the only one who enjoys the nostalgia that comes when taking a train?) Anyhow, I get to the station, step out into pouring rain. Some guy is selling flowers, and offers me a dozen roses for a ten spot. Being a hopeless romantic and cheap to boot, I figure I’ll score some brownie points. The milliner picks me up and we drive to her aunt’s. I get introduced, the milliner points out that she has roses, at which point the aunt concludes that I got them for her. Hey, double brownie points!
Anyhow, I’m told that we’re going out that evening for her cousin’s 30th b-day, and that, oh, Spike will be there. What?!, James Marsters?, that hunka-hunka burning living-dead hunk? Score! I could get tips on improving my six-pack. Um, no, Amanda Stepto, the other Spike, the one from Degrassi High. Oh. OH! One of the main characters in my early pubescent fantasies. (“Oooo, I am sooo blogging this.”) Were I Callum Keith Rennie in Last Night, I would have tried to get another notch on my list, IYKWIM.
The next night, we join up with a long-time friend of mine at a working-class dive for a night of… karaoke. (Un)fortunately, I didn’t drink enough to obtain the liquid courage necessary to make an even bigger fool of my usual self. Granted, being with a cast member of the Broadway production of Mamma Mia didn’t help either.
Anyhow, ate a lot on the weekend, drank a lot on the weekend, spent way too much on the weekend.


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