They might have gotten it right this time

December 29, 2003 at 6:52 pm (Climbing)

Going through airports, I’ve often had to explain what all the shiny metal things in my baggage was for.
Moi: “Have you seen Vertical Limit? Well, remember when that family is hanging on the rope? At the beginning of the movie? They’re hanging on these things.”
Airport peon: “What, you do that stuff? You’re crazy.”
Yeah, it’s great when the only reference they have is for god-awful, over-the-top movies like Cliffhanger. But, to tell the truth, I sure am looking for to Touching the Void, Joe Simpsons tale of being stuck high up some mountain, both legs shattered from a fall, his partner gone for help. Yeah, I think I’ll stick to rock myself. Anyhow, the trailer is here.


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