Hey shit-head, look behind you

January 29, 2004 at 7:01 pm (General)

There are enough reasons out there to despise SUVs and, especially, SUV drivers–trust me, I’m sure I expend my share of kilojoules doing just that–so I really can’t understand why these compensators will go out of their way to draw even further disdain.
Case in point: Several times this winter, the milliner and I have been stopped behind some spotless SUV at a red light or simply on the street. It’s winter, so we play it safe and keep a more-than-reasonable distance. Then, all of a sudden, the white lights flash on the SUV, and it starts backing up. Um, it’s still backing up. Fuck, it ain’t stopping. The milliner is basically standing on the horn, letting soccermom/dad in front know that, hey, WTF, we’re behind you. Cheesedick. Do you know how much damage an SUV can do to a Civic hatchback?
More importantly, do you know how angry a redhead can get when you’ve stupidly hit her car? And, do you know who has to deal with it, her anger, afterward? That’s right, me, and I’m going to look to pay it forward some day.


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