Yes, it’s a fine bouquet

March 1, 2004 at 7:13 pm (Food)

Funny how our approach to expenses changes with the surroundings. We walked down to Olive & Olives on Laurier yesterday: if you haven’t been, you’ve got to go. The only thing they sell is, to paraphrase King of the Hill, olive oil and olive oil products. All these different types of olive oil for sale, and it’s amazing how different one product can taste from the other. Oil for lamb, oil for salads, oil for soups, oil, oil, oil. Some taste like freshly mown grass, others taste like olive skin, others, well, it doesn’t stop.
So, we’re there, and I ask for a salad oil. Taken to a table, where the salesperson has us eat some bread to clean our palate, and then has us sample three different types of oil, pouring portions into little cups. Now, I like olive oil as much if not more than the regular person, but sucking back three consecutive shots of oil was a bit much. Chose the oil I wanted, and upon hearing the price, thought to myself, “Well, $18 isn’t that expensive.” Riiight.
Still feeling sybaritic, go next door to Le Fromentier to indulge even further. No wonder I’m gaining the poundage. But, at least my diet salads will taste good.


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