Gee honey, we could make some concessions…

July 12, 2004 at 5:01 pm (General)

So, the chick and I have been scouting possible places to buy in the next year; taking into account size of the place, price, style, neighbourhood, etc. We’ve filled out the charts where you enter your income, your expenses, bla bla, and now have a rough estimate of what we can afford.
Early last week, I picked up one of those free real estate catalogues that you find at ATMs and, leafing through it, found a really affordable, beautiful loft space. Saturday, we head over to check it out. Oh my, old industrial building from the early part of the last century, wide hallways, everything exposed brick and hardwood. Original wood support beams and pillars. Fifteen-foot ceilings with 10-foot windows, space enough to build a mezzanine to make the place even bigger, open concept bathrooms, in fact everything open concept, but shaped in a squared-off U so that it lent some sense of privacy.
The price? Cheaper than what we pay for rent. Much cheaper. For a bigger space.
The deal-breaker? It’s in a crappy neighbourhood. In St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. We could deal with being on the South Shore (I guess), but when your view, no matter what side of the building you’re in, is of either a parking lot or a strip mall? Not so much.
One last thing: Can I mention that 3 Amigos sucks? Big time. Tell everyone you know.


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