How to kill ten minutes

November 18, 2004 at 5:52 pm (Work)

You’re bored at work, you’ve surfed the interweb to your heart’s content. What to do, what to do? Here’s something: if you work with engineers or other science folks, check out the colour of their socks. Nine times out of ten, they’re probably wearing white tube socks. Sad but true.
Once you’ve proved my theory to be correct, try this: grab a guy’s bicep. Again, nine time out of ten, the fellow will unconsciously flex. Granted, this works better if you’re a girl/woman doing the touching/grabbing.



  1. nottellingyou said,

    Unfortunately you can’t say the same for touching a girl in that way… (well I can because they think I’m HAWT)

  2. YanYan said,

    Really wanna freak someone out? Only stand to one side of them when you talk to them for a week. Left or right, doesn’t matter. Then, on the eighth day, only stand on the other side. If done correctly, they will be freaked out and have no idea why.

    • Me said,

      Does that actually work? Have you done this before and/or had someone do it to you?

    • Me said,

      Also, what if you only see the person on week days? Do you do it for seven business days or do you include the days in which you did not talk to them?

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