Interesting development

September 30, 2005 at 4:35 pm (General, Personal)

Good news: The nightmares have stopped.
Bad news: I’m now waking up and seeing ghosts, who are getting closer every passing day.
I swear, my karma either wants me to go more gray, or to lose my hair completely.



  1. Paolo said,

    The glorious solution is to do the opposite of what is expected in these situations; just laugh.

    “I will not fear
    Fear is the mindkiller,
    Fear is the little death
    That brings total Oblivion
    I will permit my fear to pass
    Over me and through me
    And where it has gone
    I will turn the inner eye
    Nothing will be there
    Only I will remain.”
    — Frank Herbert

  2. Michel said,

    Strange, I just go back to sleep.

  3. blk said,

    i usually have vivid dreams if i eat something tomato based late into the evening…


  4. Michel said,

    Okay, no tomato-based food late at night: got it.
    I’ll have to see what happens if ever I eat this.

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