One giant goose egg

November 7, 2005 at 6:13 pm (Food)

Woke up yesterday after sleeping (actually, passing out) on the couch, wearing nothing but underwear and socks. White socks. (I have no idea.) My eyes were dried from having not removed my contacts, and my mouth tasted like, well, let’s not go there, okay? Crawled off to bed for a couple hours, and woke up realising that I should probably do pennance to make it up to the milliner
So, got to work and made crèpes for breakfast. S cooked up some apple and cinnamon to act as a filler, and we sat down to breakfast. What she neglected to tell me was that she added apple cider to the mix. Mmmm, more alcohol, just what I need.
She went to the office yesterday afternoon, leaving me to wallow in my nausea and self-pity. Which I did.
We had discussed what to make for dinner, and I suggested making ravioli, and the milliner suggested pumpkin ravioli. Went on the web, found a recipe. Later in the afternoon, I succeeded in dragging myself out of the apartment, and went up to Milano’s. Gawd, I love that place. Just the smells, all that lovely looking food, etc. Needed eggs for making the pasta, and also for the cookies that I had promised to make later. So, just hanging around Milano’s, thinking that, “Wow, Italians are such a great ethnic group!” (Oh, relax, I’m kidding!), enjoying being back at the store, where I hadn’t been since 95, and pick up whatever ingredients I needed. It took everything not to simply buy a 5-kilo block of parmesan.
Get back home, cut up and roast a pumpkin. Mix the dough, and press out some sheets to make the ravioli. Mash up the pumpkin, add some ricotta and nutmeg, and start preparing the ravioli. Cut out the squares, plop the in the boil, topped with sauce, pepper, parmesan, and voilà.
It was getting late when we finished eating, but I still wanted to make the cookies. Start preparing the flour, and go to make the sponge. Take out the eggs that I had bought from Milano’s, and notice some strange looking hens on the front cover. Take a second look at the writing, and see the following: “Oeufs frais de cane.” No idea what that is. But the birds, having taken a longer look, make me thing of, well, geese. Or ducks. Well, at least it’s organic, so what the hell. Take out an egg, and realise that, gosh, these are bigger than usual eggs. Try to crack it, and it resists. Oh shit, I’m having flashbacks to some detours from the Amazing Race (Seasons 1 & 5: I’m such a nerd) when they had to cook and eat an entire ostrich egg. Let me tell you, there’s a lot of egg in a duck egg. And it doesn’t blend in too well with dough. And the cookies didn’t come out as well. I now have 5 organic duck eggs in the fridge. And they scare me.
What the hell, I’m gonna try one on a crèpe tomorrow.



  1. the milliner said,

    mmmm…pumpkin ravioli.

    imagine my delight to come home yesterday to my sweetheart churning out sheets of pasta in the living room (ok, the pasta machine doesn’t attach properly anywhere in the kitchen).

    and then… the cookies. gawd, how good is it to go to bed with the smell of cookies in the house.

    i’ve got a regular Martha Stewart on my hands!

    needless to say, i was impressed.

    if the events that lead to pennance weren’t so damaging i’d be tempted to lead you right down the trail to hell myself, just so i could enjoy the fruits of your guilty labour.

  2. Blork said,

    Hey, you got that drunk on ONE BEER? WTF?

  3. Blork said,

    M and I got some cane (duck) eggs at a market in August. They scared me too. Supposedly they’re best poached, where you can appreciate their duckiness in its purest form.

    They were good, but they still scare me!

  4. Michel said,

    I’ve cut the beer from my life. And I had drunk some wine with supper. Ergo…
    But, I did try the egg on the crèpe for breakfast. With parmesan, of course. Kinda goo.
    And milliner: blush.

  5. Martine said,

    What I really want to know is: did you wake up still singing Wizard of Oz songs?

  6. Michel said,

    When a man’s an empty kettle,
    He should be on his mettle,
    And yet I’m torn apart.
    Just because I’m presumin’
    That I could be kinda human
    If I only had a hearrrrrrtt.

    I’d be tender, I’d be gentle,
    And often, sentimental,
    Regarding love and arrrrrrttt.
    I’d be friends with the sparrows,
    And the boys who shoot the arrows,
    If I only had a hearrrrrrtt.

    There ya go.

  7. blk said,

    Milliner – good, cause i was wondering if it was just me or the counters as i couldn’t get the damn pasta roller to fix snuggly….

    tres yummy

    turn off your word verification, shaky, it’s tres lame!


  8. artichokes said,

    Hello Michel
    And G’day from Downunder. I was hunting around the web for stuff on how to cook chicken when I came across One giant goose egg. It’s just amazing what these searches turn up. I’m not sure I’m finding what I need, but I’m having a lot of fun. Have a great day!

  9. the milliner said,


    The question is: When is he _not_ singing Wizard of Oz songs? Of course, the little dance that usually goes along with it was, um, a little…shall we say…shaky.

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