Well, you sort of had it coming, didn’t you?

November 21, 2005 at 6:15 pm (General)

I’ve been reading up on the Sony BMG rootkit debacle, and like most have gone over my wishlist and removed any of their albums that I intended to buy. So good-bye Cyndi Lauper.
However, a certain part of me doesn’t feel too bad for folks who did get this malware on their system. I mean, that’s what you get for buying Celine Dion, right?



  1. five bluehttp://www.5bluesquares.lunanina.com/ said,

    exactly my opinion!

  2. Anonymous said,

    Celine???? Yecchhh… I got it with my new Stones CD…. Narry a Celine track to be found anywhere near me….

  3. Michel said,

    Stones, Celine, pretty much the same thing, isn’t it? Well, at least the ticket prices are the same. (So I’ve heard.)

  4. Anonymous said,

    hahahaha…. so true but then *I* wouldn’t pay 150$ for Celine…


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