Play dough

January 31, 2006 at 12:41 pm (Food, General)

When you make pasta, and just before you pass it through the pasta roller, it’s suggested that you take a small bit of the dough beforehand and “temper” the roller with it. This way, you clean out whatever dust may have accumulated on the roller between uses.
Of course, you’re left with a small round of unusable dough afterward. That’s not entirely true. You can make pasta hats for your cat.



  1. Martine said,

    Tu pourrais lui mettre un rotini de chaque côté pour compléter le look.

  2. Michel said,

    That would be funny. And oh so wrong.

  3. Maggie said,

    sufferin’ succotash! oh, the shame…

  4. five blue said,

    hmmm kitty looks happy… you’ll pay for that later…

  5. Michel said,

    We pay for it every morning. When she wakes us up. This picture is our revenge.

  6. five blue said,

    you fool! getting revenge against a cat is only begging for trouble! they don’t understand revenge, they *live* revenge! they sleep 16 hours a day dreaming of revenge ploys! they’re awake when you’re asleep and helpless! that’s why i’m always very nice to my feline overlords… you think being awakened in the morning is bad? how about at random times of night? how about with something heavy (but not so heavy it would impair your cat-feeding ability) falling on your head? 8-0

  7. Michel said,

    To that I reply: nail-clippers. She is defenseless against them.
    That and putting reversable tape on her paws and watching her try to walk around.

  8. five blue said,

    to that she will reply with a stink you can swear you smelled just here a minute ago but no it’s gone, wait, wait, there it is, can you smell that? where is it coming from? where? (you can see my cats and i have played this game before…)

  9. Maggie said,

    I vote for Martine’s idea. Dreidle cat! 😀

  10. Michel said,

    Yes, I’ll definitely have to try that.
    Then again, we often (well, I do) lay the cat on the floor and spin her around a few times. She walks all crooked after that. Ergo, dreidl cat.

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