Should I bid on this?

February 3, 2006 at 10:23 pm (General)

Slightly Used Washed-up Habs Goalie Jose Theodore for sale on eBay.
I would laugh, if it weren’t so sad.



  1. five blue said,

    well i’m laughing! my ass off! have you read the Q&A? LOL!

    i used to be a major hockey (habs) fan. now i don’t care (i see number 35 i think mike mcphee… 11 is ryan walters and 38 is mike lalor – oh yeah i knew everything and everyone… back then!) but i enjoy watching them sometimes just to complain. it’s amazing how they’re simply never. in. the. right. place. never!! none of them! i’ve never coached hockey but maaaaan, i could simply tell them: whatever you think you’re doing, guys, do the opposite!

    wow. that was the closest i’ve gotten to a sport open mike show in fifteen years!

  2. Michel said,

    Perhaps I could interest you in:

  3. five blue said,

    hmmm i did have a little something for john kordic…

  4. five blue said,

    i guess he lost in value since last night again…

  5. Michel said,

    well, I’m sure he’ll has a future as spokesperson for hair-growth products.

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