Sez you

February 24, 2006 at 11:37 pm (General)

Remember how I mentioned that a puggle would be cute? And y’all jumped up my ass for saying anything nice about pugs? Yeah, well, how could you not like these?



  1. Martine said,

    Pure ugliness. That’s why.

  2. Michel said,

    Don’t be a hater.

  3. Maggie said,

    Seriously. When you have to put a Santa hat on a dog to make it cute, it’s ugly.

  4. five blue said,

    agreed! the *dog* has to be cute. THEN the hat adds extra cuteness.

  5. blk said,

    well shit, dressing up any animal and/or human in silly costumes will certainly give a reaction…bahahahha

  6. Michel said,

    You all is too harsh. Therefore, enjoy this pic of my cat sleeping on its head.

  7. five blue said,

    see, now *there* is cuteness! (however, if i may, i doubt you call this wonderful creature “my cat” (at least in front of said cat)… what name does this royal being go by, pray tell?)

  8. Lili said,

    Pugugly. *shudder* And not a good shudder either.

  9. Michel said,

    But *that’s* the whole point! They’re ugly! But in a good way.

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