All alone

March 13, 2006 at 2:22 pm (General)

The milliner is gone on vacation this week. To the Dominican Republic. During March break. With another man. From work. She told me they’re sharing the same hotel room, to cut down on costs. And? I’m okay with that. No, really, I am.



  1. five blue said,

    as you should!

  2. Michel said,

    Exactly. This way I can roam around the apartment in my (no longer) tighty whities, leave the toilet seat up, drink beer, belch, and pass out on the sofa.
    Life is good.

  3. five blue said,

    mmmm and this is why women whould never know what men do when they are away…

  4. Lisa said,

    Like you don’t do that when we’re at home.

  5. five blue said,

    yeah! we kinda like to imagine you doing much more exciting stuff… cleaning comes to mind…

  6. Michel said,

    But I do clean. While only in my loose boxers, while drinking and belching.

  7. the milliner said,

    Thanks for the reminder. We’ll be staying here an extra two weeks.

    – milliner

  8. Marc Thibodeau said,

    Is the roommate a circus freak; like some gymnast with killer abs,

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