Oh happy day, oh happy boy

April 18, 2006 at 2:00 pm (Food, General)

Received a call from a climbing buddy last night. My initial thought was that he was going to suggest we go hit some cliffs sometime soon, what with the nice weather and all. But no, the suggestion was even better: Greek easter is this coming Sunday, and he was inviting me over for the feast. Oh, sweet jesus, thank you for hanging on that there cross, so that we could celebrate by chowing down on spit-roasted lamb, lamb innards, home-made wine, spanikopita, moussake, and all those other lovely foods. After last year’s feast, the milliner had to roll (or perhaps “pour” would be more accurate. ahem) into the car.
You have to hand it to the Russians, who adopted Greek Orthodox as a religion, if only for the pomp and celebrations.



  1. five blue said,

    wow. now i’m hungry. i suggest you enjoy the feast – but if you are ever invited to a greek wedding/baptism, don’t go. sure the food afterwards will be yummy, but you’ll have to stand for four hours first, with no understanding of what is going on. and if the crowd happens to have francophones in it, the officiant will even sermon them into getting back up and shutting back up (after a while – ça va faire, tsé?). he’ll also complain loudly and roll his eyes at anyone who doesn’t know precisely what is expected of them throughout the ceremony. not that he’ll explain, mind you. no, only judge. (wow – i have some unresolved issues!)

  2. Michel said,

    Issues: you took the words right out of my mouth.

  3. marehttp://loglog.peghole.com said,

    Don’t forget to try the sheep balls. A true delicacy.

  4. Michel said,

    Mmm, prairie oysters.

  5. five blue said,

    baggage, whatever;-)

  6. Pamelahttp://www.posiesplace.net said,

    spit roast lamb…. mmmmm…. yummy…..

  7. Evehttp://www.dragons-rouges.com/blog said,

    I’ll be expecting to the food porn from this weekend on Flickr shortly!!

  8. five blue said,

    hmmm did the feast kill you? or are you merely still recuperating?

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