Is this a getting-old thing?

June 5, 2006 at 2:37 pm (Climbing)

I’m at the cliffs yesterday with some friends, for a day of climbing. Chatting with the friends, I’m sitting down, swatting at the mosquitos and taking off my shoes. Bla bla bla, talking along, hook my thumb into my sock to remove it, when all of a sudden this massive pain eminates from my hand.
It seems that the sock got hooked on the heel and, without realising it, I hyperextended my thumb. I’m enough of a target of derision among my friends, that this latest incident simply added fuel to that fire, thank you very much. Regardless, I shrug off the continuous barbs and spend the rest of the day climbing. End of the day, hike back down to the car and drive back to the city. Pretty stinky by this point, what with the smell of repellent, sweat, fear, etc. Jump in the bath and wash off the grime. Look down at my hand and realise that what I thought was dirt was actually bruising. Bruising! I must have burst some vessels there. There’s no pain, but it’s weird nonetheless.



  1. Martine said,

    Oops. I guess it wasn’t a climbing accident then. Apologies. 😦

  2. five blue said,

    it was a sock removing accident! yeah, i’m finding out (with my Herb’s running accident causing a completely severed achille’s heel) that every part of our body has a limited warranty… except nobody tells you which part is under warranty for how long… ouch!

  3. lefty said,

    some serious hand jamb action there michel! or was it a case of bum slapping at the crag gone wild???

  4. Michel said,

    I swear, I was removing a sock!
    I mean, it’s so stupid it has to be true, right?

  5. Eve said,

    No pictures? 😉

  6. ChefNick said,

    God, please don’t remind me of the “tripping over the fence” incident, which only a schmo of my advancing years could manage. It was a child fence, plastic, about three feet high, so that my son couldn’t attack the computers. Okay, let’s call it the Fuzzy Slipper Trauma, since that’s what I was wearing, the toe of one of which caught on the top, my other foot slamming into the floor toe-first at around 112 miles per hour.

    I wasn’t climbing mountains but I claim a medal for not being able to walk properly . . . for a whole month.

    Dude, that’s old.

  7. ChefNick said,

    Oh, and I HAVE pictures. Ya don’t wanna see ’em

  8. Michel said,

    Oh, there’s a pic, it’s just that my links don’t appear well. Here’s the link.

  9. ChefNick said,

    Ow, damn! Time for some serious pain pills.

  10. five blue said,

    woah! i think i’ll stick to sandals as planned for the summer – i’m developing sock phobia!

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