Words to strike fear in any man

July 11, 2006 at 6:45 pm (General)

Received a phone call from the milliner yesterday, with words to this effect: “Hey, Michel, remind me tonight to measure your finger for a ring.” Thankfully, I was in the bath (yes, I take baths and, yes, I answer the phone while in the bath), or I would have taken off running as fast as my tiny little feet and hyperextended tummy would have allowed. Well, okay, not really. I mean, I do have an hyperextended belly. As to tiny feet? Wellll….
As it turns out, the milliner is taking a jewellry class, and the final project is to make a ring. Or, at least, that’s what she tells me. And I choo choo choose to believe her.



  1. Martine said,

    Should I expect an invitation in the mail soon?

  2. Marc Thibodeau said,

    I feel your pain bro

  3. Michel said,

    Actually, as it turns out, it’ll (the ring) be in the shape of a fougasse.
    Mmmm, fougasse.

  4. Evehttp://www.dragons-rouges.com/blog said,

    Fougasse…now you’re talking! yumm… aux olives ou au fromage? 😉

  5. Michel said,

    Olives. Definitely olives. With perhaps fresh rosemary.

  6. lefty said,

    measure your ‘finger’ for the ring eh?
    nice euphemism mikie. la boutique seduction closes late on fridays in case she can’t find enough silver for the ‘finger’ ring. have fun.

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