There’s such a thing as too much multi-tasking

August 1, 2006 at 5:45 pm (General)

Walk into the men’s room just before lunch, and head to a urinal. There’s a man at the urinal next to me, and as I approached I noticed his head bobbing and shaking. Didn’t think much of it, until I was standing next to him (yes, I know, bad urinal usage on my part: you’re never supposed to stand directly next to another user). It was then that I realised he was brushing his teeth. While having a piss. His cock in one hand, his toothbrush in the other.
I don’t know. I just don’t know.



  1. JonasParker said,

    That’s worse than talking on the cell phone while taking a crap.

  2. mare said,

    Yesterday I saw, in the cinema, a girl using one of those low ‘boys’ urinals. There was a big line up at the ladies room, I guess. Her father was there too and they were chatting. Her high pitched voice gave her away, and then her boobs, when I looked. And she was standing in a really strange position, with her legs far apart. Good for her.

  3. Blork said,

    I’ve done that cell-phone while crapping thing, but I was RECEIVING the call, not making it. What was I gonna do, let it ring? (Either way you fell retarded…)

  4. five blue said,

    hmmm yes blork, let it freaking ring! send it to voice mail! but brushing his teeth?! gah! 8-0

  5. Blork said,

    I would let it ring, except the ring is LOUD, and goes on and on and on (I’ve never figured out what button to push to make it shut up). And besides, I was the only one in the men’s room when it rang. But then some people came in while I was talking. Whoops.

  6. five blue said,

    oh, blork… will i have to ask Martine to read the user manual for you? 😉

  7. ChefNick said,

    I would have just pissed on the damn thing to make it shut up.

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