Frick and Frack

August 10, 2006 at 2:49 pm (General)

Now this is hilarious.
That is all.



  1. Lisa said,

    Hmmm…my work smut filter gave me the following message when I tried to access that site: “The site you requested is blocked under the following categories: Pornography”

    So? So? What is it? Is it smutty? Does it involve firemen?

  2. Michel said,

    No smut involved. No firemen either. Just unfortunate style decisions.

  3. Ivonne said,

    That is indeed very funny!

  4. Lisa said,

    At home now – FUNNY! Hee.

    Hey, I saw this today and thought of you: Secret Policeman’s Ball returns

    (Pretty sure you once mentioned that you enjoyed these shows?)

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