Cop fall down, go boom

February 9, 2007 at 9:23 pm (General)

Walking into a building last night, I was preceded through the doors by a couple of cops. As you walk into this building, you have to go up about 3-4 stairs, then onward toward the elevators. So, I’m staying a few steps behind these two, because, you know, cops.

Suffering from a lazy foot, the guy cop catches his foot on one on the risers, and pretty much pole-axes himself onto the floor. His partner laughs hysterically at him, he laughs at himself, everyone’s happy.

Get to the elevators, and I realise that I have no option than to ride in the same car as them. Naturally, they’re still laughing about this little mishap and I’m standing there, riding that thin blue line of “yes, hee hee, funny,” yet wondering at which point they decide I’m laughing too much.

Thankfully, they got off before me.


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