And that’s the end of that chapter

March 1, 2007 at 12:10 pm (General)

Wrote (what I hope to be) my last rent check today, after nearly 25 years of doing so. That’s a mortgage right there, when you think about it.
More than two years after mostly casually looking for a place to buy, we’re moving in a couple weeks.
I will gladly accept red wine–preferably from Oregon or California, heck, even New Zealand–in lieu of congratulations.



  1. Marc said,


  2. Martine said,

    Are “jammy” wines okay?

  3. Michel said,

    As long as they’re red. We don’t care for the white jammy wines. Heh.

  4. mare said,

    WordPress didn’t like the wine I uploaded. So congrats instead. I paid rent for 33 years. And now people pay rent to me. And I use that to pay back the bank. I think the bank has the best deal there.

  5. vieux bandit said,

    I’m sorry… I drank your congratulations…

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