How to attend the monthly Yulblog and actually enjoy yourself*

March 6, 2007 at 7:36 pm (General)

We all heard of the Meeting Bingo game, right? Well, now there’s Blogger Bingo! Be the first to complete a row, after which you can post about it! Be the envy of your fellow bloggers! Ensure an increased readership and comments! Yay!

Yulblog bingo

* Kidding! Really! There’s no way to enjoy yourself at the Yulblog.**
** No, no, I’m just yanking chains.

(Shamelessly “borrowed” from the piton, a most excellent site.



  1. methesequel said,

    Poor YULblog. Everyone’s taking a crack at it these days. It serves it’s purpose and serves it well, which is basically as a very broad, centralized vehicule for bloggers to meet.

    People rely on it to meet other bloggers and then are dissappointed about the details… the best approach is simply to do what many are already doing – make direct contact with bloggers you cotton to, and arange smaller gatherings…

  2. Michel said,

    Oh, I know that. I was simply looking for a way to post the picture.

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