You’d think I’d know better

March 28, 2007 at 5:52 pm (General)

Sunday, after putting it off for a couple days, the milliner and I got away from the city and our mess of a new place and went to our favourite spa to enjoy the sun and, well, relax in hot tubs and stuff. When we arrived, the place was lousy with the madding crowd who had the same idea as ours, but within an hour it had pretty much cleared out and we had the run of the pools and steam rooms.
At one point, we’re in the hot tub, enjoying the view and the solitude, when I somehow (I don’t know how. Don’t ask. I’m hardly responsible for my actions sometimes.) decide that, gosh, I think I’m gonna do the reclining hero pose. Wouldn’t it be cool? My limbs are limber from all this warm water and, who knows, perhaps I’ll reach nirvana from lack of oxygen, being under water and all.
Oh, sure, the bottom of the hot tub is ultra-textured to prevent folks from slipping, and sure, it hurts a bit on the feets, but that’s okay, right?
Bad yoga



  1. blork said,

    Ya dope!

  2. Michel said,

    You should see my leg.

  3. Frank said,

    We used to do that in high school to stretch out our quads. But I could never do it without shoes for the reason you found out.

    Actually now that I look more at that site, it appears our cross-country coach was really into yoga. The deep spinal twist version of this posture along with this posture were also part of our daily stretch routine. I should try out this yoga thing.

  4. vieux bandit said,


  5. Michel said,

    Frank, sweaty women in tight-fitting clothes; yoga is a *good* thing.
    I can’t believe you were doing the bow, however. That one’s hard.

  6. Frank said,

    If our office moves downtown this fall, I’ll take a class over the winter.

    It was a good stretch when I didn’t have as much to lift into the air.

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