I wouldn’t mind getting my plumbing checked out

May 14, 2007 at 3:38 pm (General)

If you know what I mean, and I think you do.
I mean that, about a month after it’s been delivered, we still don’t have our dishwasher hooked up.
Two guys have already dropped by, they tell me that I need a certain attachment for the machine, that they don’t have on them at the moment, and they take off, with promises to come back. Therefore, the milliner and I are still washing the dishes by hand, coming up with weird bets, so that the loser has to do the washing that time.
I’ve gotten the names (and called) two other plumbers, and no one has gotten back to us. This is really getting ridiculous.
So, if anyone knows of a plumber in Mtl, let me know.

Update: Success! Getting over my intense fear of all things electric and my overwhelming dislike of doing any housework, I took matters into my own hands on Saturday and ended up installing the dishwasher myself. Granted, this took over 5 hours of squatting in a corner, mopping up overflowing water, two trips to Home Depot where I grovelled to get some peon to serve me, hundreds of “helpful” “hints” and “suggestions” from the milliner, an inability to move much the next day (what with all the squatting in the corner) due to sore muscles, but it was all worth it. Our tiny kitchen actually looks tidier.



  1. Marc said,

    Michel, I would be happy to come out and hook up your dishwasher this Sunday with D.
    Do me a favour, simply send me a digital photo of the back of the DW and another photo of the pipes.

    It takes all but 10 minutes to hook up.

    BTW, is there a garbarator involved?

  2. Michel said,

    Okay, will do.
    No garbarator.

  3. terry said,

    Ha! I had a plumbing issue in the basement of my house on de Normanville a few years back, and I called several plumbers, picked them out of the Yellow Pages. The single exception was the plumber who lived directly across the street.

    I got several quotes, and MY NEIGHBOUR’S WAS THE HIGHEST (by several thousand dollars). Thanks, neighbour! Not!

  4. mare said,

    I also live on de Normanville and just do the plumbing myself. Cheaper and I usually get back to myself pronto.

  5. mare said,

    Congrats! Nothing beats the satisfaction after you’ve managed to do something yourself. And yeah, plumbing fittings are hugely confusing, there is so much variety and the helpful guys at Home Depot sometimes have no idea what they’re talking about. My advice: Ask the oldest staff you can find.

  6. Michel said,

    It’s normally the oldest staff to whom speak, because they’re the only ones I can catch up to while all the others are running away.
    And to think that for the past few months we’ve been driving all the way down to the HD on the western edge of St-Henri, before finally realising that there’s one around the corner on Beaubien.

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