Reapers on my street!

June 27, 2007 at 4:07 pm (General, TV)

At home last night, the door phone rang. I stumbled over to it, expecting the milliner to be on the other end, ringing me to let her in. Instead, it’s some woman, wanting to be let in so that I can sign a petition, agreeing to let some film company block our street next week. It’s all getting a bit complicated listening to this over the intercom, so I tell her to wait two seconds and that I’ll simply come down to meet her. Down the stairs I go, followed by Daisy.

Down at the entrance, the woman is there; ready to go into her spiel. She hands me an info sheet, I’m scanning it quickly, when, oh glory of all glories, I see what they want to film. Dead Like Me.

I do believe I wet myself then.

Squee! One of my favourite shows evah! So, this woman and I get to talking, I’m acting all fan-crazy about them filming on my street, how it was such a great show, how Jasmine Guy could put handcuffs on me any day, etc., when I suddenly remember: hey! Our dog! She’s named after one of the characters from the show!

Well, then, when she finds out, this woman tells me that I just have to bring Daisy around the set. So, sweetness! I might actually get to meet George and the rest of them. Funny though, I don’t know how Laura Harris would react to meeting Daisy Adair in canine form.

Update: Sigh, I guess not enough folks agreed to have the filming on our street, as it (the street) was strangely bare yesterday. The dog didn’t seem overly concerned, but seemed curious as to why I was weeping uncontrollably for hours.



  1. Frank said,

    So does that mean Inigo Montoya will be here also?

  2. Michel said,

    Unfortunately, he’s the only one not making it for the movie. Something about having a successful television series, or something like that.
    Damn, just to hear him sing would make my summer.

  3. mare said,

    LOL. Maybe you can be an extra. And maybe Daisy too. That would be so cool on the credits

    Dog…………………………..Daisy Adair
    Dog handler……………….Michel T.

    and of course

    No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

  4. Patrick said,

    Sweeet. Haven’t seen the series but excellent randomness 🙂

  5. Michel said,

    Pat, you’ve got to watch the show. Most deaths in the series were similar to my accident last week, except that 1) I survived and 2) you get touched by either a hot chick or a drunk Brit (are there any other kinds) beforehand.
    Mare, unfortunately, Daisy is too shy and hyperactive to be filmable.

  6. vieuxbandit said,

    Y’know, when you wet your pants in front of a strange woman and she yet tells you to bring your dog somewhere… maybe you should marry her… just saying…

  7. lattégirl said,

    Oh you lucky dog! That’s such a great show. I hope you get some celebrity sightings out of it.

  8. JonasParker said,

    I didn’t think that anyone else watched that show! A movie? I’ll watch it.

  9. Michel said,

    There seems to be a voracious following. It’s like a code, akin to those who were fanatics about “This Mortal Coil” and other bands on the 4AD label. A wink, a nod, and a sudden understanding o the understated coolness factor of the other.
    That’s what I tell myself, anyhow.

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