Travels with dog

August 7, 2007 at 10:39 am (Climbing, General)

(or things to remember when camping for the first time with a dog)
The milliner and I headed down to the Adirondacks this past weekend to do a bit of climbing and relaxation. Naturally, we brung the boxer. Things I noted and vow to always keep in mind:

  • Small though it is, the Echo can still fit two humans, a mid-sized dog, camping gear, climbing gear, pillows (what?), a Coleman stove, and everything else.
  • While it’s nice to think that your dog can sleep in the tent with you, always remember that boxers have, um, flatulence. Bad flatulence. Imagine sleeping over a leaky septic tank.
  • City dogs love huge fields. Don’t expect to see the dog for a few hours, as she will be off, running wind sprints through the tall grass.
  • If you haven’t climbed in a while, don’t just throw your gear bag into the car. Because? Nothing sucks more than hiking up the trail with a 40-lb bag on your back, sortng out your gear, and then realising that you left your harness back in the city. Hike back out, get in car, drive a while to the store, buy another harness, drive and hike back.
  • Boxers can’t climb rocks. They slip and fall over backward.
  • When your dog jumps into a lake for the first time in its life, be prepared to jump in after it, fully clothed. There is nothing more frightening than watching a dog struggling, its head underwater for what seems like an eternity.

Can’t wait to go back.



  1. zura said,

    Hah! I will keep point #2 firmly in mind when and if I dogsit her.

  2. vieux bandit said,

    I’m still laughing over point 5!

    Point 6 seems a common learning experience:-)

    Oh, and I can beat point 2: at a music festival, recently, one night, somebody PEED ON our tent!! It had rained, we thought it was water (gross enough considering the tent is quite new and was expensive). Herb spunged it off with, of course, his favorite shirt. Then the smell hit. Then the next day is the baking hot sun… we decided not to stay an extra night, after all. As I type Herb is cleaning the tent in the tub.

  3. uasun said,


    Now i will think twice about your invite for yos next year – hiking back for harness is the part scaring me =)

  4. Michel said,

    Oh really??
    This coming from someone who:
    1. Dropped a pot of boiling water over their foot,
    2. Got lost in Les Calanques and ended up spending the night with 3 other climbers on a 6-inch ledge,
    3. Broke (fractured?) their ankle and had to be heli-vacced off of the Eiger.
    I’m sure there’s more, isn’t there?
    All in all, I think I’m doing okay. 🙂
    See you in a few weeks?

  5. the milliner said,

    Heh heh. I love that we have a ‘mid-sized’ dog…just like a car!

  6. Igor Snigour said,

    Hello, I need your help. I am Yuliya father ( UP and FREE). She and her boy friend now in Peru – Chopicalqui at 6200m top shoulder and can’t get down. I found your name like friend at her blog. Do you know what rour they took ? Maybe you know Alex from Boston, he was giving her a lot info how to get there. Rescue teams trying to find them, but no sucsess.

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