All up in my grill

August 16, 2007 at 2:24 pm (General)

Got to my car last night to see this. I swear, this mini-van is so far up my backside that it’s giving my engine a heart massage. Oh, it could have parked a bit further away from me–there was room to be had to the corner–but I guess the onion ass of my Echo was too irresistable. What’s even more depressing is you know the driver didn’t nestle their behemoth softly next to mine, but let it roll until they saw my car shake form the however-slight (I hope) impact.

Whenever confronted with such idiotic temerity, my normal initial reaction is to rant and rail and wish misfortune on them and theirs. However, I’ve been trying for the zen approach, so I left a note instead.

Of course, the only “gift” I left in this case was the note itself. But, I can just imagine the driver whenever, henceforth, they hear every squeak, creak, and bleep .



  1. lightspeedchick said,

    Excellent! You should consider submitting it to

  2. Stéphane said,

    You’re way too agile….I would have had all sorts of problems trying to get everything’ I wanted to get when I headed for my blocked/under seige car trunk. Unfortunately my crowbar would have hit their windshied (by accident) of course maybe three times). And my boots might have hit their bumper when I was trying to right myself.

    My apologies, I am working on the passive-agressiveness side of me. At least my wife thinks so…

    Salut Michel!

  3. Ross said,

    Well you do live in a city full of… Montrealers.

    The first dent is always the worst, after that it gets easier. There are also rubber attachments you can add to your bumpers that don’t look too stupid and help defend against the “park by feel” crowd.

  4. lattegirl said,

    Haha! Love the note!

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