There are limits to being part of the family

September 14, 2007 at 6:55 pm (Food, General)

Came home on Friday, to find a magazine in the mailbox. I don’t recall subscribing to anything lately, so I figured it was a gift for being a volunteer tester for Cooks Illustrated. Catch the name of the addressee, and am surprised that folks now address us as “Thibodeau-Paquette.”
I take an even closer look at the address label. (click for larger view)

There are limits!

Aw, hells naw. Please, someone tell me that I now have to keep an eye out for the dog sending away for stuff. Pretty soon, she’ll have racked up a huge credit card bill for squeaky toys and chewy bones. Because, you just know that CC companies are waiting for her business.


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