Things you don’t need to hear from your doctor

September 27, 2007 at 8:36 am (Personal)

Me: And, how are you feeling today, doc?
Doc: Oh, you’ll understand when you get to be my age.
And then he laughs uproariously, as if I’ll ever get to his age.

Nurse: So, when did you get your transplant?
Me: Twelves years ago.
Nurse: Wow! Twelve years? And you’re still doing okay??

Nurse: So, I guess you go to all those rendez-vous with all the other folks with transplants?
Me: Um, no. Never met any, to tell the truth.
Nurse: Oh, it’s great fun, from what I hear. They meet and discuss their experiences, how they’re doing, etc.
Me, thinking: Eek, sounds like a Yulblog meeting. (kidding!)



  1. lefty said,

    i was all set to go to YULblog tonight but now… (also kidding…)

    seriously some docs/nurses are just plain retarded. and i haven’t seen anywhere near as many as you (also laughing uproariously).

  2. Michel said,

    Yeah, well with a kid on the way I’m sure you’ll be meeting a whole lot more of them.
    BTW, when is the little tyke due to arrive?

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