Killing time for a cause

November 6, 2007 at 10:59 am (General)

Do you consider yourself a sesquipedalian lexiphanes yet find there’s a certain lacuna in your vocabulary? Do you strive for even more philanthropy in your daily life, but find it difficult because of your less-than-stellar pecuniary state? Or, screw it, you just want to kill time at work?

You’re in luck. Scoot over to Free Rice. It’s an online vocabulary game, and pretty straightforward at that. You’re presented with a word, you choose the correct definition. Pretty simple, right? Choose correctly, ten grains of rice are donated. Get it wrong and the words become less difficult.

I’m aiming for level 60.

Thanx to The Snaz for the link. Go give ’em some love, and enjoy some pretty cool videos while you’re at it.


1 Comment

  1. lefty said,

    OK how cool is this…

    from Freerice:
    – millinery means:
    2. delicacy
    3. hat shop
    4. landholder
    5. teenager

    BooooYaaaahhh. 10 grains baby. 🙂

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