Pass the salt

November 26, 2007 at 11:18 am (Food, Food porn)

What I did yesterday.
Non-paid plug: I got my pork from Porc Meilleur, at the Jean-Talon market. Hormone-free, it’s called ecological. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it’s as close to organic as you can get without paying the organic price. Oh, and they also scraped the nipples off the pork belly for me, which I kinda appreciate.



  1. the milliner said,

    Ugh. The scraping of the nipples.

  2. lefty said,

    where do you hang all this glorious meat?? i’m salivating now. groan.

  3. Michel said,

    The pancetta goes up in blork’s basement. I went halvies with him on the flank.
    The future prosciutto goes up in Spiro’s basement. I will tithe him part of the meat.
    Being at the Fromagerie Atwater yesterday, I saw that the proscuitto goes for about $55 per kilo. I didn’t pay anywhere near that for the pork, so even with drying and shrinkage (from the cold, dontcha know?), I’m still saving some money.

  4. lefty said,

    enjoy the meats of your labours.

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