CBC needs proof readers

January 23, 2008 at 2:06 pm (Work)

As much as Mars needs women. In other words, stat!
In a story about cops in BC leashing a girl to a door, the journalist wrote the following:

CBC News spoke to several police officers in the Metro Vancouver area who said it was developed in response to public concerns over Taser stun-gun use, and is commonly used to restrain a variety of prisoners, from mental health officers to drunks.

You know, I always was a bit skeptical about shrinks—and not in a Scientology kinda way—but I wouldn’t go so far as to tie them up.

: Looks like they corrected the error. But, hey, it was funny while it lasted. However, can you imagine, cops in BC all suddenly and collectively jumping the couch, brandishing lassos and chasing down psychiatrists? Good times, right?



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