We’re going to pray at the Y-M-C-A

February 8, 2008 at 10:33 am (General)

I went to the gym the other day, opened a locker door, and found this inside. There’s nothing else written on the bottle, no double-sized French lettering, no instructions on the back (and really, what kind of instructions would there be?), just “Holy Water” embossed in gold leaf.
Whoever forgot it there, I guess, is using the bottle to hold his shampoo or body soap. Was it a priest? Does the “C” in YMCA still stand for “Christian”? Questions, questions.

I used some to wash my hands, but unfortunately it burned.



  1. the milliner said,

    I love how when you read the title, you automatically sing it Village People style.

  2. mare said,

    I found this one: http://www.freestuffdirect.com/images/holy%20water.jpg

    Almost the same graphic, other bottle. Maybe it’s a sticker you can buy?

    No, you can buy the bottle!

    http://shop.ststephenoca.com/page17.html (scroll all the way down the page, it’s the last item)

  3. Michel said,

    Thanks for shattering the little fantasy, mare. Thanks a lot.
    Oh, and honey? Now you know what song I’ll be singing for the next while at home.

  4. Lisa said,

    I’m ordering me one of them pens for Jay-zus.

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