Nice thing to know with a boy on the way

February 26, 2008 at 3:48 pm (General)




  1. the milliner said,

    OUR boy will not fight (she says, perhaps in denial).

    It turns out that I can take 17 five year olds. So together that makes 40. Surely we can handle just one? (she says, perhaps being overly confident).

  2. lightspeedchick said,

    Times dog, times cat 🙂

  3. Michel said,

    The dog and cat will fight on my side, the side of good.

  4. lefty said,

    Two years of “tai kwon do” count right? Well I managed to take out 29 little buggers. Having no qualms using them as weapons had to have helped my case. LOL.

    PS. hard to say where our dog stands on this, he is only too happy to remove our little guy’s socks and take off down the hall, leaving him shivering.

  5. Michel said,

    Join the group. I got to orange belt myself, but I was nine at the time, so I’m sure whoever was judging was lenient with me. But I don’t think I included that in my answers.

  6. zura said,

    I’m at 19, I hesitated and said “maybe” at using one as a weapon against another.

    Michel, assume the cat will not back you.

  7. Nicholas Robinson said,


    Excellent, you won’t regret a boy. I wanted a girl but boys can be the sweetest angels.

    Major congratulations. Email me for the “Owning Your New Boy” manual.



  8. Danielleia said,

    Hey! I found you through Dennis Kane. I realized you had posted the Andrew Peters golf swing… nice. He’s a goon and not a very good hockey player, but I love him.

    By the way, I can take on 20 kids. I’m an awful person.

    I’m not sure if thats right though because I have one younger brother that can take me out pretty quick. Ahh, he does play hockey…

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