Pregnancy cravings

April 3, 2008 at 6:03 pm (Food)

It finally happened. After 30-cough cough cough-years, the milliner finally broke down and had her first ever poutine. I’ve been trying, though not really applying any real pressure, to get her to try that cholesterol bomb for years, and on Holy Friday, she finally agreed. So, off to La Banquise we went. And no, we didn’t see a film crew with Anthony Bourdain there.


I think she liked it.



  1. jasmine said,

    I have never had real poutine…almost did, but I got distracted by ice cream…sigh…


  2. the milliner said,

    Well, the verdict is, I liked the flavours but hate the fact that the fries get soggy after a few minutes. I hate soggy fries. I don’t even usually put ketchup on fries for that reason. Maybe deconstructed poutine would work – sauce & cheese on the side. Then again, the cheese wouldn’t melt at all.

    Ah well. What to do. Guess I’ll have to keep experimenting.

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