A bit of a dilemma

May 30, 2008 at 9:23 am (General) (, )

So, my secret honey (well, in her mind anyhow. For me it’s no secret), is back to visit me (and only me) on July 9 at Théâtre National.
However, the little guy is expected to make his appearance only a couple of weeks beforehand, so I’m not entirely sure that I will have either the time or the energy for Beth and I to meet up and consummate our imaginary love.
Of course, being the brilliant and logical fellow that I am, my solution would be to swaddle up the little bundle of joy, pack up some mother’s milk, put him in a maya wrap, and bring him along. This way, we get to continue our father-son bonding, he gets a head start on folk pop appreciation, and it gives the milliner a couple hours rest.
Strangely enough, not everyone sees the brilliance in this plan.


1 Comment

  1. chefnick said,

    Good to see you posting, didn t understand a word, but GOOD. Kids and loved ones–whatever could be wrong with that


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