Oh happy day

June 12, 2008 at 12:30 pm (General)

Yesterday, Wednesday, nearly a year after my physical and unexpected confrontation with the underside of a car, I finally got back on a bike. Good times, although I needed to re-adjust the height of the seat, and I need to get used to these newfangled gears. But wow, who knew how quickly you can accelerate on an aluminum/carbon-frame bike.

Also yesterday, after many failed attempts by friends and family, and again nearly a year of gathering dust (don’t judge me), our home theatre is finally (!) hooked up. And all it took was a call to Geek Squad. Unfortunately, it being a Sony system, there’s naturally one speaker that doesn’t work. Regardless, we can now watch videos, listen to music and, most importantly with the little guy coming, use headphones.

But, oh, what made yesterday especially happy was a little line that I read in National Geographic Adventure: “Pale ales lower cholesterol and fight cancer, researchers find.” Were finer words ever written?



  1. Bryan said,

    Bartender, another Keiths. Keep em coming. Wonder if i ever told you the story of how Ken Adam and I got HAMMERED in under an hour on the Keith’s brewery tour in Halifax. Good times.

    PS: kudos on the bike (it’s stunning!)

  2. Michel said,

    Woo hoo! On three accounts. (Especially the home theatre). OK, and the bike. And well, I know you’re really happy about the beer. So, ok. Woo hoo.

  3. the milliner said,

    Ooops. When it says “Michel said”, substitue with “the milliner said”.

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