Son of gawd

June 20, 2008 at 2:54 pm (Personal)

Lessons in swaddling

You know, because his arms are spread out like on the cross…
Oh, and because his father has delusions of grandeur.



  1. mare said,

    Congratulations! He even looks like you!

  2. Sebastien said,


  3. John said,

    “Father, why hast Thou forsaken me??!?!”

    Congratulations. I’m glad everything went well and all concerned are healthy and happy.

  4. vicky said,

    Felicitation mon ti-gars… C’est beau la vie.
    Nothing else will ever be so important.

  5. jasmine said,

    Congratulations 🙂


  6. Vila H. said,

    Aw, he’s lovely. Congrats.

  7. Bryan said,

    you are allowed all the delusions in the book. grandeur included! I have pie, i come see baby soon.

  8. the milliner said,

    Bryan: Woo hoo! Pie! We LOVE pie! And of course, we can’t wait for you to meet Luca too :). I’m sure he will love pie too one day soon.

  9. Aimee said,

    What a sweetie. We love babies around here. Congrats to the proud parents.

  10. french panic said,

    perfect cherubic beautifulness! Now, where are the pictures of the sleep-deprived “I’ve always had bags this huge under my eyes” parents? Unless the child is indeed holy and mama et papa are well rested and stress free…….

    (Seriously. I love this picture.)

  11. Michel said,

    Well, if you wanna see more photos, here ya go:

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